In A Mexican Mood

{ gluten and dairy free, chicken and veggie quesadillas } 

{ gluten and dairy free, chicken and veggie quesadillas } 

The craving started yesterday, during my usual Pinterest perusing, when I came across a beautiful photo of the most stunning quesadillas. I'm a huge sucker for a cheese plate, but Mexican shredded cheese that gets all greasy when you melt it has never been my favorite. So I opted to make a totally dairy free (on top of the usual gluten free) quesadilla. I used Tofuyan brand gluten free wraps, which I highly recommend because they don't crack or break apart like most gf wraps tend to do.

Spread a bit of roasted garlic paste over the bottom of half the tortilla and top with some lightly-mashed avocado. Place tortilla on a already warm flat top or large fry pan (if you are not using a non-stick pan, then grease the pan lightly with some coconut oil). Then start to add your quesadilla accoutrements! I put corn, chipotle chicken, broccoli micro greens, tomatoes, cilantro, onion and a bit of arugula.  

Fold the quesadilla closed and toast both sides with everything inside. Remove from heat, slice, and serve! 


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