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I'm Minali, a Jamaican born creative, turned salad art director, turned co-founder of Wild One.




x Nancy Silverton

When it comes to salad… or pizza...  or bread (well, anything really), Nancy Silverton is a legend. Being in the salad business, we were stoked on the idea of bringing Nancy’s Chopped Salad to sweetgreen in our first ever nation wide collaboration.

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x Danny Bowien

The Tiger Bowl is everything we love about Danny Bowien’s cuisine — it’s as label-defying as it is delicious. With punchy local kimchi, cooling shiso (aka Japanese mint), and a soy-citrus Tiger Dressing, the bowl is a border-defying blast that only Danny could put together.

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sg Brand

The sweetgreen brand is a labor of love. From building the brand book and 15 seasonal menu rollouts to over a dozen James Beard award winning chef collaborations, it's the epitome of style and substance.

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