Summer Shrimp Tacos

{ Shrimp tacos with a mango summer slaw and habanero crema } 

{ Shrimp tacos with a mango summer slaw and habanero crema } 


Summer is finally here and there is nothing I love more than a light, sweet, spicy, tangy shrimp taco. So when my fish man at the grocery store told me that they were having a sale on fresh shrimp, there was no question that it was taco night. 

The recipe for these is very simple and should only take 30 minutes from start to finish. Start by cleaning your shrimp and removing the tails (you can buy shrimp that are already prepped and in that case, just give them a good rinse). Then season the shrimp with a bit of chipotle seasoning, black pepper, salt, a nice amount of minced garlic, and some wine. Let this sit while you make your slaw and crema. For the slaw, shred some red cabbage, cube some mango, chop a bit of cilantro and mix it all together with the juice of 2 limes and a touch of blue agave. 

Moving on to the crema, (this is probably the easiest part) mix 1 part sour cream with 1/8 part mayo, add in some lime juice to thin it down, and then add as much (or little) as you want of your favorite habanero hot sauce (I get mine from a farmers market so it's extra spicy and very fresh). 

Back to the shrimp! Sautée them in butter until the centers are opaque, which shouldn't be more than 4/5 minutes. Warm your tortillas (or use lettuce cups for a healthier alternative), assemble your tacos and enjoy!

Happy Summer!